Three Major Keys of Communication in a Relationship | Topics 

Just so that we’re all on the same page let’s just define communication. Communication means the connection of two people. When it comes to dating, or even a friendship, communication is key. If you’re around someone and you feel as though you can’t talk to them because of fear of how they will react, that’s not good.

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Talk Tuesday: It’s Okay to Have Feelings You’re A Human Being

People in today’s world are so quick to scream “no feelings” or “I don’t need nobody, I got me”. It’s simply okay to care about someone, to have people around you that you can depend on when need be.

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Talk Tuesday: You Can’t Keep A Man Whom Doesn’t Want To Be Kept

I would like for my blog post to appeal to both women and men. With today’s blog topic: You Can’t Keep A Man Whom Doesn’t Want to be Kept, is inspired by a Facebook status I came across yesterday.

Ladies to keep a man learn how to cook…..

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Talk Tuesday: Why Should A Woman Stick Around Until A Man Gets it Right?

A couple of days ago, I watched rapper Trina on The Breakfast Club and she was asked a few questions about dating and relationships. What stood out to me is when she generally asked, “Should a woman stick by her man if he cheats?” 

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New Year New Perspective | Misunderstood Monday

Happy New Year. Hope you all brought in the new year with a positive mind-set and ready to achieve your goals. It’s the first Monday of the New Year and you should make the most of it. I didn’t participate in any New Years Eve festivities as I haven’t for the past three years actually. I brought it in at home with my favorite Moscato, filmed a YouTube make-up tutorial while listening to the new Fabolous x Trey Songz mixtape.

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Alter Ego Name Reveal 

A few weeks ago I put a poll on social media for viewers to choose from four names of what I should name the Alter Ego. I finally reveal the name today as promised. But before I do so I wanted to share the inspiration behind the Alter Ego and where all this is coming from.

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Talk Tuesday: Is There A Difference of Men Cheating vs Women Cheating?


Talk Tuesday: Is there a difference of Men Cheating vs Women Cheating?

Today’s post is inspired by the new HBO Series: Insecure starring Issa Rae. The finale has everyone in a frenzy and as I binge watched the last few episode leading to the Finale, it definitely was a though provoking episode. I couldn’t help but to think about the double standard that comes into play when cheating is involved. If you haven’t checked out this new series, you may want to, everyone in some way can relate to this real raw series.

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