Fit for 30 Week 3 Recap | Fitness

With just 9 days remaining in the month of May, the Fit for 30 is coming to an end. With this being the end of week 3 I’m preparing myself for this week’s liquid only meals, this will be a challenge considering I’m working in the office all of this week.

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Fit for 30 Week 1 Recap | Fitness

It’s officially been 7 days since I started the Fit for 30 journey. Sundays start the new week meaning new meal plan and of course new challenges. I wanted to recap the first week including the workouts, the meals, and the helpfulness is the Facebook support group.

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Fit for 30 : 30 Day Challenge | Fitness

It’s the first of the month. New Month , New Goals. Today is day 1 of the 30 Day Challenge, my trainer Coach Keem has put together for clients and non clients to get right for Summer 17. 30 Day Weight Loss, 30 Day Meal Plan, 30 Day Exercises and 30 Day Fit Cleanse.

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Talk Tuesday: Fitness Is A Lifestyle Not A Diet 

When it comes to working out and eating healthy it’s not temporary, it’s a lifestyle. You have to want to include it in your day to day life. Most people diet because they want to lose a few pounds before vacation , or before a special occasion like a Wedding.

I started my fitness journey April 2016 after a surgery I had and I wanted it to be ongoing I didn’t want to put an end date to it. I wanted to be healthy and in shape, it wasn’t about losing 5-10 lbs. It’s a struggle but the results are rewarding. You won’t look good overnight and you won’t be the strongest person in the world but  you’ll live longer and feel good within yourself.

Working out isn’t about #bodygoals nor should it be a competition. Go at your own pace , understand this is an adjustment and you won’t always be on track everyday, allow yourself to slip up but don’t stay there. 20% of a healthy lifestyle is in the gym and remaining 80% is what you eat. Abs are made in the kitchen, so if you want that six pack or defined stomach, drink half your body weight in water and meal prep weekly so that it is easier to stay on track.

Eat. In order to get the right amount of nutrients and to stay nourished, you have to eat 5 times a day. This means 3 main courses; breakfast , lunch and dinner, and two small snacks in between those meals. Never skip breakfast and always eat within 45 minutes of working out to restore muscle.

Don’t get so caught up in numbers. Yes I step on the scale once every 2-3 months. In  December I weighed 135 lbs and then in March I weighed 135lbs the difference here, is muscle.

Focus. I know it can be overwhelming and it’s easy to forget what you ate or how much water you drank. Try writing your meals in a small journey each day and when you worked out and for how long. There are also apps for iPhone and Android. One of my favorite Apps that I’ve been using is MyFitnessPal. You can document each meal and it tells you how many calories it holds, you can add your workout as well as how many ounces of water you drank.

I hope this post helps your fitness journey and remember to take it one day at a time.

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3 Month Low Carb Diet | Fitness 

New year, new goals. Fitness goals. It is now 9 months since I have started working out with a trainer consistently in the gym and eating right. My birthday is in April and I want to look good when I’m on vacation. I want to share with you my three-month low carb diet regimen.

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First Monday Workout of 2017 | Fitness

Happy Monday. Hope you’ve all started day 2 of 365 off to a good start towards your goals. We all know the gym tends to be at capacity when the new year rolls around. That’s not a bad thing if you’ve added fitness to your 2017 goals , get it.

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Workout Update | Fitness Journey

I returned to the gym for the first time this past weekend, in almost two weeks as I was horribly sick. It killed me to not be able to work out, I barely had an appetite and I also missed days off from work. None the less I had to get back to the weights.

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