Aubrey Alexa: Jason Part III | Alter Ego

Being stubborn takes little to no effort for me. As much as I like Jason and I wanted to give him a piece of my mind I wanted him to know I was mad at him. My friend Nikki was who he had to go through if he had anything to say to me and all three of us had the same English class together and we sat near each other. This was the third class of the day and I was anticipating see his fine ass and wanting him to be salty I was giving him the silent treatment.

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Aubrey Alexa: The Morning After | Alter Ego

Who did I think I was last night? I must’ve thought I was grown, trying to impress William. The devil on my shoulder tried to have me doing something I could regret , but I listened to the angel on my right side…

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The Debut of Aubrey Alexa | Alter Ego

You have your whole life planned out at a very young age. You envision life for yourself as perfect and you believe you can achieve anything you set your mind to and that there will be no stops on the journey to happiness, the world revolves around you. Nobody can stand in your way, you have the recipe to success, until reality hits you…

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Alter Ego Name Reveal 

A few weeks ago I put a poll on social media for viewers to choose from four names of what I should name the Alter Ego. I finally reveal the name today as promised. But before I do so I wanted to share the inspiration behind the Alter Ego and where all this is coming from.

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Introducing My Alter Ego 

Happy Sunday everyone! Lately I have been inspired by people around me. People I’ve had random conversations with about life, work and relationships. I’ve also had people give me suggestions on what I can do differently with my blog, or what things I can add to my blog to engage my viewers.

Starting in January I will introduce an alter ego character inspired by numerous fictitious characters that you see on TV from Being Mary Jane, Carrie Bradshaw, Cookie from Empire, Olivia Pope, embracing your inner Sasha Fierce.



With this alter ego there will be a weekly blog post titled #FiestyFriday . It will tie into a storyline via blog posts of different relationship encounters the character has experienced. This section on the blog will also have a Q&A post where viewers can email questions seeking dating advice from a situation they were in or are currently in or even just sharing what they learned being in a past relationship. 


…the more she talks to him the more she catches feelings. She’s a person that enjoys having a conversation with the opposite sex. She just maybe in lust with the idea of a potential relationship with him..  

Stay tuned and suggestions are always welcome, I’ll reveal the name of the character soon.


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