Should You Be Financially Stable Before Dating? | Monday Motivation

Should a person be somewhat financially stable before dating? When I ask this question I’m not factoring in credit score nor am I coming from a point of having to have a certain amount of money. I simply mean on the right path of managing their finances well and having priorities in check. Whom you date should be a potential partner that you can grow and build with.

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Wash N Go Wednesday | Natural Hair 

Lately I have been back on my Youtube binge watching natural hair tutorials. I like learning new hair regimens to try to also new products to try out. It’s also nice to see other naturalist’s either in the same stage as me or with similar hair texture. It has been a while since I tried a new wash n go regimen. I have uploaded a new video to my channel and I wanted to share it here as well.

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Monday Motivation 

Happy Monday. Hopefully you have your goals set for the week and a positive attitude to match. Always remember a new day gives you a fresh start to achieve your goals and to have a better out look on life. Often times we look to social media and begin to compare our journey’s to the next person and that can cause you to lose focus.

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