Wash N Go Wednesday: Straight to Curly Hair

Happy Hump Day. Today is wash day for me since I just took out a quick protective style of four cornrows having getting my hair blown out and trimmed. I wanted to share with you all how I revert back to my curls after the blow out.

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Fit for 30 Week 3 Recap | Fitness

With just 9 days remaining in the month of May, the Fit for 30 is coming to an end. With this being the end of week 3 I’m preparing myself for this week’s liquid only meals, this will be a challenge considering I’m working in the office all of this week.

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Update: Six Week Trim |  Natural Hair 

Six weeks can sure enough fly by fast! It’s time for my trim on my natural hair so that means visiting Fahrenheit the Evolution on Fifth Ave and sitting in Shalaya’s chair. Since her book has opened to new and returning clients I have remained consistent with my trim every six weeks.

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Wednesday Brunch: Difference between Constructive Criticism and Hating

I know it’s been a while since we’ve had Wednesday Brunch. Here we are, its hump day and we have to discuss the difference between constructive criticism and hating. Grab your wine or your mimosa and indulge.

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Fit for 30 Week 1 Recap | Fitness

It’s officially been 7 days since I started the Fit for 30 journey. Sundays start the new week meaning new meal plan and of course new challenges. I wanted to recap the first week including the workouts, the meals, and the helpfulness is the Facebook support group.

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Fit for 30 : 30 Day Challenge | Fitness

It’s the first of the month. New Month , New Goals. Today is day 1 of the 30 Day Challenge, my trainer Coach Keem has put together for clients and non clients to get right for Summer 17. 30 Day Weight Loss, 30 Day Meal Plan, 30 Day Exercises and 30 Day Fit Cleanse.

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Invest In Yourself: Self Reflect

There are many ways to invest in yourself and if you’ve been reading the blog posts, Invest In Yourself has been financially, and physically. Today’s post is about investing in yourself mentally. With my recent birthday celebration and having a week off from work I have been able to kind of take a mental break.

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Chan. J Music Mix Volume 2

This is the second installment of the #MusicMonday Chan. J Music Mix available on Apple Music. As previously mentioned you can check here every Monday for a new music to add to your music library.

Music Mix Volume 2 : Artist included on this mix are Rihanna, Trey Songz, Kendrick Lamar, Jeremih, Chris Brown, H.E.R.,and more.

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Chan. J Music Mix Volume 1

Hey everyone for all my music lovers, we have #MusicMonday, Chan, J will release a playlist every Monday consisting of all your favorite jams courtesy of Apple Music. If you have an iphone or even and android you can listen to this music and add it to your music library. All you have to do is come here and click the Chan. J link and it will have the latest playlist.

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Three Major Keys of Communication in a Relationship | Topics 

Just so that we’re all on the same page let’s just define communication. Communication means the connection of two people. When it comes to dating, or even a friendship, communication is key. If you’re around someone and you feel as though you can’t talk to them because of fear of how they will react, that’s not good.

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Natural Hair Chronicles: 6 Week Trim + Halo Braid

This past weekend I went to Farenheit 212 for my six-week trim.  I have also uploaded the Vlog to my YouTube channel. Four to six-week trims are important during your natural hair growth process. It keeps your hair growing healthy and reduces split ends and damaged hair.

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Wednesday Brunch: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Approaching Your Crush

People say all the time two people of the opposite sex can’t be friends without someone becoming attracted towards the other or catching feelings. We can agree to disagree on that but what if you do catch feelings for your Male friend or your female friend how do you go about it? 

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Invest In Yourself: 5 Ways To Improve Your Credit

One thing I wish I learned in high school, the importance of having great credit. No matter how much money you have, if you don’t have good credit it’s null and void. You face having high interest rates on loans or having to ask someone to co-sign on a loan for you which most people don’t all jump to volunteer.

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Talk Tuesday: Fitness Is A Lifestyle Not A Diet 

When it comes to working out and eating healthy it’s not temporary, it’s a lifestyle. You have to want to include it in your day to day life. Most people diet because they want to lose a few pounds before vacation , or before a special occasion like a Wedding.

I started my fitness journey April 2016 after a surgery I had and I wanted it to be ongoing I didn’t want to put an end date to it. I wanted to be healthy and in shape, it wasn’t about losing 5-10 lbs. It’s a struggle but the results are rewarding. You won’t look good overnight and you won’t be the strongest person in the world but  you’ll live longer and feel good within yourself.

Working out isn’t about #bodygoals nor should it be a competition. Go at your own pace , understand this is an adjustment and you won’t always be on track everyday, allow yourself to slip up but don’t stay there. 20% of a healthy lifestyle is in the gym and remaining 80% is what you eat. Abs are made in the kitchen, so if you want that six pack or defined stomach, drink half your body weight in water and meal prep weekly so that it is easier to stay on track.

Eat. In order to get the right amount of nutrients and to stay nourished, you have to eat 5 times a day. This means 3 main courses; breakfast , lunch and dinner, and two small snacks in between those meals. Never skip breakfast and always eat within 45 minutes of working out to restore muscle.

Don’t get so caught up in numbers. Yes I step on the scale once every 2-3 months. In  December I weighed 135 lbs and then in March I weighed 135lbs the difference here, is muscle.

Focus. I know it can be overwhelming and it’s easy to forget what you ate or how much water you drank. Try writing your meals in a small journey each day and when you worked out and for how long. There are also apps for iPhone and Android. One of my favorite Apps that I’ve been using is MyFitnessPal. You can document each meal and it tells you how many calories it holds, you can add your workout as well as how many ounces of water you drank.

I hope this post helps your fitness journey and remember to take it one day at a time.

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Aubrey Alexa: Jason Part III | Alter Ego

Being stubborn takes little to no effort for me. As much as I like Jason and I wanted to give him a piece of my mind I wanted him to know I was mad at him. My friend Nikki was who he had to go through if he had anything to say to me and all three of us had the same English class together and we sat near each other. This was the third class of the day and I was anticipating see his fine ass and wanting him to be salty I was giving him the silent treatment.

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Aubrey Alexa: Jason Part II | Alter Ego 

We could never make it official because we both cared about what others thought and weren’t into being the center of everyone’s conversation. It was all politics, Jason being one of the most popular kids in high school his fan list was down the hallway.

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Talk Tuesday:3 Major Keys to Invest In Yourself 

Happy Tuesday. It’s the last day of February, hope you’ve made the past 28 days successful. This weeks Talk Tuesday is a continuation of investing in yourself; having priorities and knocking things off of your to-do list as we ride along in 2017.

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Monday Motivation : Feeling Discouraged

Monday means new week, new goals. A fresh start to achieve your goals and stop procrastinating on accomplishing things on your to-do list. It’s crazy that we are ending the second month of 2017. This Monday Motivation post is for those feeling discouraged in what ever it is that you are trying to achieve in life.

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Natural Hair Chronicles : Defined Flat Twist Out 

Happy Thursday! Hope you all are having a good week. I just wanted to share with you my recent flat twist out style turned out awesome. So happy, it’s crazy the same hairstyle but different hair products can show different results. I wanted to share the products I used, how I flat twist my hair and also what I do to take them down.

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Wash ‘n Go Wednesday | Back to the Basics

In my last post I shared that I would be going back to using the products I used when I did my first big chop three years ago. The reason I stated that was because my curl pattern was different back then, they were more defined. As the saying goes stick to what you know, in this situation I am sticking to what works for me. Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus line. If you all don’t know Shea Moisture was the first product line that I purchased when I started my natural journey and their products have worked for me.

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Mane Monday : New Shea Moisture Kukui Nut & Grapeseed Oils Damage Rehab line 

Sundays are my wash days, so that means I do not leave the house. I relax, I schedule blog posts, I read, do laundry and prepare my hair. For the last two months I haven’t been satisfied with how my wash n go’s have turned out so I’m up for trying new techniques.

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Talk Tuesday: It’s Okay to Have Feelings You’re A Human Being

People in today’s world are so quick to scream “no feelings” or “I don’t need nobody, I got me”. It’s simply okay to care about someone, to have people around you that you can depend on when need be.

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Talk Tuesday: You Can’t Keep A Man Whom Doesn’t Want To Be Kept

I would like for my blog post to appeal to both women and men. With today’s blog topic: You Can’t Keep A Man Whom Doesn’t Want to be Kept, is inspired by a Facebook status I came across yesterday.

Ladies to keep a man learn how to cook…..

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Motivation Monday | Invest In Yourself

Lately I have been coming across some very inspirational and motivated individuals on social media. For once I am seeing people use their platform in a positive way. With my recent transition to a lifestyle blog I strive to better myself for my brand daily. I always look for new ways to improve my content, and improve my way of thinking.

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Aubrey Alexa: Try Outs | Alter Ego 

Save the Last Dance, Honey, and Bring It On were the popular movies out at this time. Every girl watched the movies and tried to mimic the cheer and dance moves in High School. It was time to execute the dance and cheer moves I was practicing in my bedroom and basement all this time.

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Aubrey Alexa: The Morning After | Alter Ego

Who did I think I was last night? I must’ve thought I was grown, trying to impress William. The devil on my shoulder tried to have me doing something I could regret , but I listened to the angel on my right side…

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Maple Holistics Organic & Natural Hair Product | Beauty Review

Today I am going to share my thoughts and experiences on the Maple Holistics 100% Natural Castor Oil. Maple Holistics reached out to me a while back to try out any product from their line and to do a review. I have used this product on multiple hairstyles that I have done so continue reading for my review.

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First Blow Out Since Big Chop | Natural Hair 

February 2016 is when I did the big chop for the second time. If you’re not familiar with what the big chop is, it’s when a woman cuts off all her hair, or majority of her relaxed hair to start over and begin the natural journey. Natural means no chemicals, and no heat. I decided it was time for a length check 11 months in.
I did the big chop for the first time in 2013 right after my break up and coming to the realization my hair was damaged from being a blonde for the whole Summer and it being over processed as well keeping in sew-ins longer than I should have.

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The Debut of Aubrey Alexa | Alter Ego

You have your whole life planned out at a very young age. You envision life for yourself as perfect and you believe you can achieve anything you set your mind to and that there will be no stops on the journey to happiness, the world revolves around you. Nobody can stand in your way, you have the recipe to success, until reality hits you…

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3 Month Low Carb Diet | Fitness 

New year, new goals. Fitness goals. It is now 9 months since I have started working out with a trainer consistently in the gym and eating right. My birthday is in April and I want to look good when I’m on vacation. I want to share with you my three-month low carb diet regimen.

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First Monday Workout of 2017 | Fitness

Happy Monday. Hope you’ve all started day 2 of 365 off to a good start towards your goals. We all know the gym tends to be at capacity when the new year rolls around. That’s not a bad thing if you’ve added fitness to your 2017 goals , get it.

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New Year New Perspective | Misunderstood Monday

Happy New Year. Hope you all brought in the new year with a positive mind-set and ready to achieve your goals. It’s the first Monday of the New Year and you should make the most of it. I didn’t participate in any New Years Eve festivities as I haven’t for the past three years actually. I brought it in at home with my favorite Moscato, filmed a YouTube make-up tutorial while listening to the new Fabolous x Trey Songz mixtape.

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Goodbye 2016 , Hello 2017 !

When you sit and reflect on what you learned about yourself, what you went through, good and bad this past year what do you come up with? What has 2016 taught you? Have you accomplished majority or all of your goals that you set out for yourself this year? As I look back at 2016 I have 5 things that I either accomplished or learned about myself.

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Holiday Make-Up Product Swap | Beauty

As the holidays come to an end, I have collaborated with a friend and fellow blogger for a beauty product swap! Erricka reached out to me to see if I would like to do a swap in which we choose the number of products to swap out and we send them to each other. We decided we would send each other our favorite drugstore products limited to eyeshadow, a dark lipstick, concealer, and setting powder! We will also do a natural hair tutorial video soon!

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Wednesday Brunch : Ways To Save Money

It’s never too late to begin saving money. It’s never too late to work on your credit, whether you need to build it or repair it, it’s something very important to maintain. As we go into the new year I’d like to share some tips on saving money and a few friends shared different ways they save money.

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NYX Professional MakeUp Releases New Foundation | Beauty

NYX Professional MakeUp is one of the popular drug store products these days. They have announced that they are releasing a drop based foundation at the end of the month. You control how much product you place on your beauty blender or brush.

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Motivation Monday

As 2017 is approaching within two weeks we’re feeling the pressure to make it the best year yet or the at least better than 2016. We’re becoming overwhelmed with wanting to accomplishment so much, let go of what isn’t helping us grow in a good way or bringing negativity in our lives. You want to achieve things you did not do in 2016 that you set out, maybe you want to travel , start a new career path, find a new hobby, make better decisions financially or finally get into the gym. What ever it is you want to accomplish in 2017 , write it down and work towards it daily, remember nothing good and worth having happens over night.

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Workout Update | Fitness Journey

I returned to the gym for the first time this past weekend, in almost two weeks as I was horribly sick. It killed me to not be able to work out, I barely had an appetite and I also missed days off from work. None the less I had to get back to the weights.

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Talk Tuesday: Expecting Support From People Around You

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a teacher, an artist, a social media maven or retail cashier, don’t expect family or friends to support your endeavors. Don’t let the lack of support dictate if you achieve your goals. Refrain from any act of pettiness, deleting phone numbers, unfollowing on social media, no contact at all. Give them the choice to support genuinely if they don’t support you, allow them to continue to be that good friend, sister, brother, aunt or uncle to you.

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Misunderstood Mondays: The Misconception Of A Single Woman

At 2:30am I went to have breakfast with my lovely cousin, whom we always have the best thought-provoking conversations. Conversations about careers, relationships, fashion, and of course social media. Our conversation inspired today’s topic for #MisunderstoodMonday. Men’s misconception of a single woman tends to be a bit lost in translation.

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Alter Ego Name Reveal 

A few weeks ago I put a poll on social media for viewers to choose from four names of what I should name the Alter Ego. I finally reveal the name today as promised. But before I do so I wanted to share the inspiration behind the Alter Ego and where all this is coming from.

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Talk Tuesday: Is There A Difference of Men Cheating vs Women Cheating?


Talk Tuesday: Is there a difference of Men Cheating vs Women Cheating?

Today’s post is inspired by the new HBO Series: Insecure starring Issa Rae. The finale has everyone in a frenzy and as I binge watched the last few episode leading to the Finale, it definitely was a though provoking episode. I couldn’t help but to think about the double standard that comes into play when cheating is involved. If you haven’t checked out this new series, you may want to, everyone in some way can relate to this real raw series.

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Misunderstood Monday: ‘Tis The Season…

Twenty days until Christmas. Everyone is visiting loved ones, shopping and buying gifts for one another. This is a joyous time of year. Everyone working extra hours to get their last minute items while others just simply want to be around their favorite relatives.

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Black Friday Purchase

Black Friday has come and gone. If you were one the lucky ones to take advantage of the Anastasia Beverly Hills sale like me, you know it was a hassle accessing her website. I’m not one to go out and shop at stores on Black Friday, I’d rather shop in the comfort of my home on my laptop or smart phone. It may not be much that I did purchase, we have to have some type of discipline, right?!

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Product Review: Murad Environmental Shield Starter Kit | Skin Care

Murad Environmental Shield Starter Kit
Murad Environmental Shield Starter Kit


Cold weather is upon us and we have to keep our skin moisturized. I bought this Murad Essential Shield Starter Kit almost two months ago and I wanted to do a review.


I purchased the kit online at Ulta while it was on sale, after I seen my favorite beauty blogger Makeup Shayla show her day & night cleansing routine. I typically don’t use cleansing products because I’ve been fortunate enough to have non problem skin. This kit consists of 4 trial size products.


I start with a cleansed face a little damp and then I place a dime size amount of Essential C Cleanser all over  my skin and then I rinse with warm water. The consistency lather well and you don’t need a lot if your skin is damp.


I then rinse the cleanser off and proceed to apply the Murad Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum on my face it retains moisture and adds shine to the face.


You let the serum sit for about two minutes don’t rinse, proceed to use the Advanced Active Radiance Serum. This product is slippy and goes a long way its good to put this on after the Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening as that product has shine but it dries on the skin, shall I say you’ll be snatched honey. Add this right after to have that glistening glow.


The finally. By the way all of the products smell so good. It’s funny because I put this Essential C Day Moisture like its foundation primer. The consistency is thick so you do not need a lot of product.


What are some products you use daily or routinely during the colder seasons? Share below.

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Introducing My Alter Ego 

Happy Sunday everyone! Lately I have been inspired by people around me. People I’ve had random conversations with about life, work and relationships. I’ve also had people give me suggestions on what I can do differently with my blog, or what things I can add to my blog to engage my viewers.

Starting in January I will introduce an alter ego character inspired by numerous fictitious characters that you see on TV from Being Mary Jane, Carrie Bradshaw, Cookie from Empire, Olivia Pope, embracing your inner Sasha Fierce.



With this alter ego there will be a weekly blog post titled #FiestyFriday . It will tie into a storyline via blog posts of different relationship encounters the character has experienced. This section on the blog will also have a Q&A post where viewers can email questions seeking dating advice from a situation they were in or are currently in or even just sharing what they learned being in a past relationship. 


…the more she talks to him the more she catches feelings. She’s a person that enjoys having a conversation with the opposite sex. She just maybe in lust with the idea of a potential relationship with him..  

Stay tuned and suggestions are always welcome, I’ll reveal the name of the character soon.


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WCW: Mariah Carey Collaboration w/ Mac Cosmetics


It’s that time of year, MAC releases an exclusive limited edition collection great for gifts. On December 8th online and December 15th in stores, Mariah Carey will release #MacMariahCarey to select markets. MAC shared the news this past week and everyone has been anticipating the release and the pictures do it no justice I’m sure.

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Latest Beauty Product Purchase | Ulta

Hello Ladies! Ulta Beauty is having a sale now through November 26th online and in store! I have been doing so great without buying no make-up products, but I recently ran out of my most favorite Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz! Brows have to be on fleek at all times (when you’re not at home). I have a few steals and coupons to share with you for Ulta Beauty.

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Talk Tuesday

I’ve been contemplating this post for the last 24 hours. Figuring out how to interest my viewers with this topic, figuring where to begin but not ramble too much to keep your attention. I decided to just let it all out and update you on where I’m at as the cold weather arrives and cuffin’ season is in full effect…

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OGX Beauty Giveaway Unveil 

screenshot_20161108-044910About two weeks or so ago, I stumbled on Twitter and I seen Curlbox and OGX Beauty were having a twitter Q&A session for the #OctoberCurlBox. Included in the discussion were how-to advice on the products for those that didn’t know what to use specific products for different hair types and styles. I tweeted my favorite hair product was the Quenching Coconut Curls Curling Hair Butter Leave In or Rinse Out and BOOM , ya girl won the giveaway!

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Social Media : Judgement Zone

The world of social media, whereve everyone is a judge, no one does wrong, everyone is perfect and has all the answers like Sway. Leave it up to social media for it to be a platform for people to voice their opinions on others lives as if they’re in their shoes.

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Is it an issue if your significant other doesn’t celebrate holidays?

It is holiday season and we all want to celebrate with our loved ones, and close friends. Halloween has passed it now time for Thanksgiving and before you know it Christmas will be here! When you think of the holidays, for most people gifts isn’t what comes to mind, but memories you can create with special people in your life.


If you have a significant other and they don’t celebrate the holidays is this an issue for you? If you’re newly dating and they reveal they don’t celebrate the holidays due to bad experiences or its just not relevant in their lives, is this a deal breaker?



  1. Bad experiences weren’t made with the new relationship so that person shouldn’t deprive you of creating new memories and acknowledging the holiday.
  2. If the person is religious they are exempt from this topic typically that’s not debatable.
  3. Perhaps there can be a comprise, maybe not exchange gifts but do an activity , spend time over a family members house, go out to dinner.
  4. Although people may say everyday should feel like Valentines Day , most people still want to feel special on that day as well.

Facebook viewer stated:

I would say Christmas b/c it’s a religious holiday so if the person your with doesn’t celebrate it that may be difficult if you’re not equally yoked depending on the reasoning…and I don’t mean celebrate by buying gifts just completely not acknowledge the holiday


If your someone whom is family oriented and the holidays are your favorite time of year you may want to include your new boo, significant other to the family and have them apart of the best moments. If your someone whom you’re not close with your family and perhaps you want to create memories within your household of course you’d want your significant other apart of that.

When I ask if this is an issue for you I’m not speaking of gifts, I’m talking about acknowledging the day, the time spent, the memories. Holidays can the times where people feel the most lonely. Why not turn negative into positive and allow yourself to be happy and enjoy the holiday season.

If you’ve never had a valentine before, or if you have had the worst experience ever and don’t want to celebrate Valentine’s Day, maybe things will be different with this new person in your life. Maybe you want to experience having a Valentine for the first time  the lovey dovey , flowers , a card, candlelight dinner. It doesn’t have to be an all expense paid trip with the latest Gucci bag. Yes, everyday in your relationship should feel like Valentines Day but who doesn’t want to feel special on that day as well?


Twitter response:

‘cuz holidays are fake x plus we suppose to be the same all year ’round anyway…

Viewers response:

I’m not big on holidays but I do chill with my immediate family.


If its a new relationship the shouldn’t bring bad experiences to the table. New relationships deserve to experience everything.

This isn’t about materialistic items this solely about time spent. Share your thoughts below.

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