Talk Tuesday: How To Tell If You Are The Other Woman

Living in a world that revolves around social media, it has been pretty difficult for people to date. When you do find someone who you’re interested in and begin to date, how can one simply tell if they are not the other woman? When you ask a guy if he is single do you give him the benefit of the doubt right away that he is telling you the truth? Some of us don’t have trust issues, some of us still give a person the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise, but for the rest of us well…

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Misunderstood Monday | Woman vs Woman Competition

There has been this ongoing competition and both contenders are women. It’s hard to pin point one single cause for why women have a hard time supporting each other. The only person we as women should be in competition with is ourselves.

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Double Standards of Cheating. Tasha vs Ghost

Happy Friday! We have guest blogger ChanJ sharing her insight on the double standards of Cheating. Why it is worse when Tasha cheats versus Ghost cheating in the hit drama series Power. Many woman can identify with Tasha and may feel as though she’s playing the game well, while men believe it’s distasteful.

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